The Beginning

My name is Stevi.  I am 25 years old. I am a wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, and friend. I am a social worker with a Master’s degree. I enjoy reading, movies, exploring new restaurants, hanging out with friends, talking, and the list goes on. I also happen to be overweight. I have been overweight most of my life and it is also a part of my identity. This is my journey to change that.

First off, let me say that although the weight loss may be the focus of this blog, the importance for me is not so much the weight as it is my health. I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to have children someday and be able to do all the things with them that I can and not have my physical limits defined by my weight. I love myself and I love my body. I want my outside to reflect how I feel inside. I want to achieve and surpass my goals and overcome mental roadblocks I have set for myself along the way. I do not buy into the mass media idea that skinny=happy or skinny=better. Everyone is different and all of our bodies are beautiful. For me, this is not about being skinny it is about being healthy. I love my curves and I hope throughout this journey they are still there, just more defined and lovely. I do not expect to look like anyone else, but me.

3.5 weeks ago, my husband and I started the 8 week Couch-to-5k running program and tracking our food on My Fitness Pal. Let me just say that I have never been a runner. I played volleyball in high school and could do that all day long, but when we had to run, I hated it. So for me, running=punishment. And as many of you know, running is in huge part mental. During this first few weeks I have learned a few things:

  1. My running form is terrible and I need to work on that
  2. I can and have run for 5 minutes without stopping 2 times in one workout
  3. Running outside isn’t so bad, people don’t really care to stare at you and if they do you will pass them anyway so who cares
  4. Two sports bras are better than one
  5. I might actually begin enjoying this….maybe
  6. It may sound cliche, but you really have to take it one day at a time

I thought this forum would be a good way for me to track my progress and help hold me accountable. Let me just say, that if 4.5 weeks from now I can run 3 miles without stopping I will be screaming from the mountaintop because that will be a huge damn deal for me. Especially seeing as I broke my femur 5 years ago. But, more on that later…

Until then, workout 3 in the 4th week of Couch-to-5k takes place tomorrow. If you haven’t heard of the plan or want to check it out go to:


And lastly an inspirational quote because I’m sometimes corny like that.


I will post more about my eating healthy progress later this week and would love any ideas of things that have worked for you or those close to you. Also any running tips from runners out there?