1.8 miles down, 1.2 to go!

So as you know, yesterday I was slightly terrified about having to run for 20 minutes straight, but you know what? I did it! And the best part was it was so much easier than I thought it would be! I finally feel like for the first time since embarking on this journey 5 weeks ago,  I am actually starting to enjoy running. I can’t believe I just said that, but it is true! I feel like from this point forward I have no where to go but up and that 3 miles no longer scares me. I can’t wait to hit that mark and then keep moving forward. 

Throughout my life for some reason or another I never thought I could run long distances. I sprinted in volleyball practice and was athletic throughout my childhood, but the thought of running miles at a time just seemed impossible. Then I was in a head on car accident in 2008 and broke my femur. After that  I really never thought I could run. I am finding through each and every work out that all of my prior thinking is wrong and the only thing it did was hold me back. Now when I run I remind myself that I can do it instead of telling myself that I can’t. I have no reason that I cannot accomplish my goals. I mean contestants on the Biggest Loser run marathons by the end sometimes. So there is no reason I or anyone else out there can’t do what we set our minds to whether that be running or something else. 

Here we are (well our feet are) after accomplishing our run yesterday at the beautiful Forest Park:



So far I am almost 10 pounds down in one month so I can’t complain! I always have to remind myself to take it one day at a time. My competitive nature tells me otherwise, but I can’t be anything but proud of myself at this point. Progress is progress. Obviously today I am on a high and know there are ups and downs to this experience. But today I will enjoy my happiness.